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Kamratkompassen is a program that focuses on social training for children using video clips. The individual child is targeted, but the program can also be used as a valuable tool for groups. Kamratkompassen is suitable in schools and child behavioral health clinics. It targets children with or without a diagnosis, but who do demonstrate difficulties interacting with peers. Kamratkompassen aims at developing the child's mentalizing ability, as well as his or her communication skills. These abilities are central when it comes to social situations. Studies have shown that children who function in social situations also do better academically. 

The program consists of a manual and a USB with recorded scenarios. The scenarios create a platform for the discussions that follow between the child and the therapist. At the same time, the parents work together with the child at home by reading together to stimulate the child's language and communication skills. The program is suitable for school counselors, child therapists and psychologists. Every session is described in detail in the manual. Kamratkompassen is designed to be a hands-on intervention for the benefit of both the therapist and the child! 


Kamratkompassen aims at developing the child's mentalizing ability by recorded scenarios that are discussed with the child.

Language ability

Kamratkompassen also aims at developing the child's language ability and communicative skills.


Quick facts: 


- is a social training program.


- targets children between the ages of 7 and 14.


- targets children with difficulties creating and maintaining good relationships.


- develops the child's mentalizing skills and language ability.


- can be used individually or in groups.


- is well suited for schools, social services and psychiatric clinics.


- is hands-on material with recorded scenarios on a USB.


- is useful for school counselors, therapists and psychologists.


- requires no further training.


- can be used with an indefinite number of children.

- each session is described in detail.

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